One of the Largest
Innovation & Technology Conferences Worldwide

Hosted by GWC, GMIC is one of the largest and most influential innovative technology conferences worldwide. Since the first edition in 2009, GMIC has attracted over one million attendees from 60 countries. GMIC has also been expanded from Beijing, China to other innovation hubs around the world, including Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Bangalore, Tel-Aviv, Jakarta, São Paulo, Hong Kong and more.

Expected Scale in 2017

3,000+ thought leaders
Hundreds of thousands of audiences
Real-time interactions of millions of online users
Global livestream

Lifetime Experience

Thought Leaders To influence the most influential group of people
Panel Discussion Learn from industrial leaders
Exhibition Showcase of innovative products and front technology
App Space Gathering of developers
Tech Show Experience of future technology
Demo Space Display of innovative thoughts and products
G-Startup Worldwide Rise of the unicorn
Brands Session Interaction, communication and promotion
GMIC X Awards Integration of technology and entertainment
G-Festival Hi-tech experience for all
AI Training Class Share of thoughts and knowledge
Social Networking Connection and communication in every way